The Benefits of Properly Sizing An Air Conditioner For Your Home

Remarkable Benefits of sizing air Conditioners Properly

Different writers have presented several articles on oversized air conditioners. Ideally, HVAC contractors outdo HVAC design processes through the use of the rules of the thumb. Further on how they fault up the manual J load calculations when they follower the alternative preferred route. Therefore, there is a reason why sizing air conditioning equipment properly is essential.


The first reason is the comfort they provide. When the air conditioners are operational, they perform two primary functions. First, they lower the air’s temperature and remove the moisture contained in the air. To perform the second function, the AC system has to run for some time.

As air is passing through the evaporator coil, it comes into contact with an extremely cold surface. Thus the air temperature drops to about 20 degree Celsius. However, in cases where higher relative humidity exists the air evaporator coil in the air condition cools deliberately and dehumidifies the air in the home. Again, when the air hits the coil, another critical process takes place. The coil’s temperature falls below the air’s dew point resulting in condensation of the water vapor on the coil.

This is the point; however, water vapor condenses on the coils of oversized air conditioners, enough condensation must take place to allow water to fall to the pan located below the coil. Again, enough water must get into the pan before draining to the outside starts.

When water has fallen to the outside, still the air has not been dehumidified. This is because there are chances that water on the coil can evaporate and become air in the home. This is the mistake that most homeowners do out of ignorance. They usually leave the thermostat in the fan in position instead of leaving it auto. And as such water on the coil is converted back to air quickly. Therefore, this must be avoided at all costs to ensure that homeowners enjoy the warm air without incurring much energy bills.

Oversized air conditioners usually run a shorter time since they fulfill the cooling load quicker and therefore shut off. On the other hand, sized air conditioners run for a long time thus making it evident that when quicker dehumidification of the home is required, sizing air conditioners is unalienable fact and requirement HVAC contractors must meet.

Wearing Down

Living in a desert, for instance, does not guarantee water to condense and if some water is available, realizing drew points is impossible. Wear and tear as the second reason matters largely. Nonetheless, what that wears and tears equipment is starting and shutting down. Starting and shutting down frequently ideally shortens the life of the equipment.

Oversizing the air conditioners means that the rates of starting and shutting off are high because the thermostat set point is realized within the shortest time possible. Apparently, oversized air conditioners in a day require more startup and shutting downs compared to right sized conditioners. Thus to its more substantial interpretation, it means more energy bills and reparations costs.

Properly fitted air conditioners do not save much energy bill as presumed by most people in the industry. This is thinking of the past; however, that thinking has changed over time. Air conditioners properly fitted save utility bills and upfront costs because they require putting up a smaller AC. Therefore, oversizing is not a significant problem.

How to determine the proper size for the air conditioner

For the newly set homes, it is recommendable to use full HVAC design process that starts with the Manual J. The manual J is a heating and cooling calculator protocol issued by the Air Conditioning Contractors of America and the American trade organization for AC contractors. On the other hand, existing homes the best alternative is to determine the period the air conditioner run when it is at proper design conditions. Well, the whole process must be attempted when the air conditioner is in an excellent working condition and not when the air conditioner is at its periphery of life. When the air conditioner runs for about 5 to 10 minutes and shuts down, entirely it is oversized. On the other hand, if the air conditioner runs for more than one and half-hours when it is at design conditions, absolutely it is properly fitted to the actual cooling load.

Therefore, building new homes, renovating the existing homes and installing new air conditioners to homes, it is wise to inquire from the designer, builder, HVAC contractors on the sizing mechanisms they will employ. Designers and builders planning to size the air conditioner according to the size of the home, absolutely reject their offers. Sizing the air conditioner properly requires more than the square footage of the house.

Sizing air conditioners within the home is essential as it brings the necessary comfort and reduces the wear tear of air conditioning apparatus. Correct sizing ensures that many reparation costs and energy bills are significantly reduced. Therefore, homemakers should contract contractors with the right skills and expertise to install and repair air conditioners. Homeowners, on the other hand, should read articles on proper sizing to ensure they have the right knowledge before contracting.